Mission Trip to Frontera de Cristo

Our next trip to Douglas, AZ / Agua Prieta, MX is scheduled for November 30 - December 4, 2019. We will spend our time serving with the border ministries of Frontera de Cristo. If you are interested in going or would just like more information, please contact Ellen Green.

Frontera de Cristo is one of five ministry sites of the Presbyterian Border Region Outreach. These ministry sites, along the 2,000-mile US/Mexico border, respond to unique needs in their particular locations. Frontero de Cristo engages in several broad areas of ministry such as mission education, family and health ministry, and church and community development. Within these ministry areas, Frontero de Cristo partners with:

  • Presbyterian churches of Sonora and the US in developing church leadership through our binational internship ministry

  • Health professionals on both sides of the border to provide access to health services in under-served communities including the migrant community

  • A women’t cooperative that provides opportunities to learn skills that enable them to better provide for their families

  • A drug rehabilitation center providing material, moral, and spiritual support to persons who are seeking to overcome their addictions to “live again”

  • Churches on both sides of the border in helping people of faith grapple with issues of immigration and respond in faith and not fear

  • Coffee farming communities in Chiapas, Nayarit, Sonora, and Haiti to provide alternatives to immigration

  • Law enforcement, elected officials, business persons, other faith organizations, academics and human rights groups from across the border to work toward a healthier border for all.

A great deal of energy and prayer is directed toward leading mission delegations across borders to build relationships and understanding and to witness to the power of the gospel to tear down walls that divide humankind. Mission teams come to be in mutual mission with their Mexican brothers and sisters, sharing their gifts and talents as well as receiving.

Sonia Lee