Coffee Order

It's time for another Cafe’ Justo order!

Almost 20 years ago, due to an international drop in coffee prices, many farmers in Mexico were forced to leave their fields and find other jobs, largely in the USA. In 2002, members of a small church, Lily of the Valley Church in Agua Prieta, Sonora, MX, just south of Douglas, Arizona, formed a coffee cooperative to pursue a new model for not only growing, but roasting, marketing, and selling the beans. Doing so has revitalized rural communities and kept families together.

Partner congregations across the United States are striving to make a positive impact on both sides of the border. Join FPC-York in becoming a partner church by purchasing a full pound bag of organically grown coffee. The cost of $10/lb covers the coffee as well as shipping. This price is also providing a family the chance to stay together as a unit and to have a better life!

Choices of coffee are: Arabica, the smoothest; Robusto, highest caffeine; or decaf. They come in either dark or regular roast and either ground or whole beans.


It’s September and fall is around the corner so it’s time to order your fair trade, organic freshly roasted coffee from Café Justo.  The coffee is $10 per pound.  Call, text or email Ellen Green at 803-417-0954 or before the end of the day on Sept. 15.   Support our brothers and sisters in Salvador UrbIna and Agua Prieta, Mexico.

Barbara Clark