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About Us

First Presbyterian Church provides exceptional worship, educational, and ministry opportunities for all ages. We are a small but active congregation that provides many ways for you to engage in ministry. Worship is at 11:00 on Sunday mornings. We invite you to visit as soon as possible and explore our many programs and service opportunities.

Our ministry flows out of our worship of God. In worship, we are reminded of God's grace and claim upon our lives. The realization of this gift inspires us for ministry. We hope that you will want to join the many who learn, lead, and continually seek to grow in unity of faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ.



What We Believe


Some of the principles articulated by John Calvin are still at the core of Presbyterian beliefs.  Among these are the sovereignty of God, the authority of Scripture, justification by grace through faith, and the priesthood of all believers. What these tenets mean is that God is the supreme authority throughout the universe. Our knowledge of God and God’s purpose for humanity comes from the Bible, particularly what is revealed in the New Testament through the life of Jesus Christ.  Our salvation (justification) through Jesus is God’s generous gift to us and not the result of our own accomplishments. It is everyone’s job — ministers and lay people alike — to share this Good News with the whole world. That is also why the Presbyterian church is governed at all levels by a combination of clergy and laity, women and men alike.

Essential to our Presbyterian identity is a secure hope in the grace of God in Jesus Christ, a hope that, by the power of the Holy Spirit, empowers us to live lives of gratitude: “In affirming with the earliest Christians that Jesus is Lord, the Church confesses that he is its hope, and that the Church, as Christ’s body, is bound to his authority and thus free to live in the lively, joyous reality of the grace of God.” (Book of Order F-1.0204)  This strong emphasis on the grace of God in Jesus Christ is our heritage from the founder of the Reformed tradition, John Calvin.

Presbyterians confess their beliefs through statements that have been adopted over the years and are contained in The Book of Confessions. These statements reflect our understanding of God and what God expects of us at different times in history, but all are faithful to the fundamental beliefs described above. Even though we share these common beliefs, Presbyterians understand that God alone is Lord of the conscience, and it is up to each individual to understand what these principles mean in her or his life.



Our Staff

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SONIA LEE, Director of Christian Education

Sonia originally hails from a Summerville, SC.  She earned her BS in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management from Clemson University, an MAT in Early Childhood Education from the College of Charleston, and an MA in Christian Education from Union Presbyterian Seminary (formerly Presbyterian School of Christian Education) in Richmond, VA.  While serving her first congregation, John Calvin Presbyterian in Metairie, LA, she earned the PCUSA’s Certification as a Christian Educator and was ordained as a Ruling Elder.  

Sonia is an avid Parrot Head (Fins up!) who loves cheering for the mighty Clemson Tigers! In her play time, she enjoys being outdoors, reading, playing the ukulele, spending time at the beach, chilling with friends on her “Dock,” laughing from the depths of her soul, and re-creating with the community of faith.  Sonia appreciates the variety of working with children of God of all ages.

Barbara CLark, Administrative assistant

Barbara is a lifelong resident of york. she graduated from York Comprehensive high school and winthrop university. Barbara has been with first presbyterian since 2014, and says she learns something new everyday! Barbara enjoys baking, crafting and time with family. She and her husband Billy have two sons.

Mary moss, financial administrator

Mary has been the financial administrator at first presbyterian since 2005. She grew up in Charlotte and graduated from queens college. she taught in public schools, worked in social services and has served over 25 years as secretary/financial administrator in four different churches in four different locations. mary and her husband bob have three grown sons and five grandsons.


alice w. smith, director, mother’s morning out

Alice has been a part of first presbyterian church of york since 1973 and is now working with her 5th generation of some families. For many, many years (over 25), she has been director of our mother’s morning out program for one year olds. she is active in the community and is employed as the program director at trinity united methodist church. alice loves teaching private swimming lessons to all ages. she enjoys being outside, loves most sports and best of all, hanging out with her three wonderful granddaughters.


Bethany james, Mother’s morning out

Bethany grew up in Hartsville, SC and moved to the rock hill/York area in 2011 for her husband’s job. She is a registered nurse and works part-time at Piedmont Medical center. She has been working with the mother’s morning out program since 2018. bethany and her husband, charlie have been married since 2010 and have two beautiful children, Irby and Tony charles




Class of 2019:

Ronnie Bailes, Clerk

Eddie Lee

Elizabeth Owen

Angie Pratt

Class of 2020:

Mike Allman, Sr.

Susan Lee Ballard

David Dickson

Ann Wilson

Class of 2021:

William Hill

Crystal Nichols

Steve Smith

Harold Wilson


Class of 2019:   

Lisa Davis

Donna Farris

Jay Leake

George Reeves 

Class of 2020:   

Mike Allman, Jr.

Leah Black

Pete Carroll

 Laura Anne Gaulin

Class of 2021:

Melissa Allman

Crickett Comer

Lindsay Kent

Kristi Ramsey